Parrallels vs Fusion Round III
Parallels_icon vs. vmware2
I am quite impressed with VMWare's stability on the Mac. Much leaner and more reliable than Parallels. Lack of a Snapshot manager is a big killer in VMWare though. For someone who relies on a virtualisation app to run corporate apps, it is nice to be able to back up my VM as a whole and restore it to any point I have previously had a snapshot for.

I have a killer problem with Parallels at the moment. As soon as my Parallels VM is running, Expose & Dashboard refuse to work, which is quite catastrophic for someone like me that has expose bound to hot corners for fast app switching (with a flick of the wrist!!) . The strange thing is that as soon as I make the Parallels active application, expose works again. As soon as I quit Parallels, you guessed it, expose works again...

I guess the best of both worlds would be for Parallels to keep innovating, and VMWare to be 1 release behind copying Parallels ideas, but making them perform faster and more reliably.